The Ridley Graduate Boat Club (RGBC) was formed in 1972 to promote rowing for graduates and friends of Ridley College, and one of its’ aims has been “to assist Ridley College from time to time, in whatever manner is feasible”. Over the past 43 years the partnership has become a strong one, with the RGBC directors and members taking on many roles to support both the Club and the School rowing program. The Ontario Ergometer Championships is just one success story.

RGBC is also the link to the local organizations on the island and within Canada. The club takes part in the management of the facilities and use of the course.

There have been numerous athletes from the Ridley Grad program who have gone on to represent Canada at the international level or to pursue their education through scholarship opportunities.

Jack Nicholson has been Captain of both the school and club programs since the club’s beginning. His coaching expertise and dedication to the sport are legendary.



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